SOUTH DADE TransitWay - OHL Project

The SMART (Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit) is advancing five transit corridors out of the thirteen of the People’s Transportation Plan, fulfilling a mass transit infrastructure in Miami-Dade County. The vision is to connect communities by enhancing a rapid transit network that is accessible, integrated, efficient, and sustainable for future transportation demands.  

PARADISE was awarded the installation of steel structures of all thirteen bus canopies for OHL’s Rapid Transit Project in Miami Dade County. The innovative design of the vault-like canopy will protect Transit-way riders from weather elements while allowing natural sunlight to come through the roof skylights. We are honored to work for Miami-Dade County through OHL USA to accomplish this vision.


LOCATION: Miami Dade County, FL

YEAR: 2021

DJI_0015 CampbellSMALLERDJI_0015 CampbellSMALLER
DJI_0015 CampbellSMALLERDJI_0015 CampbellSMALLER
DJI_0002 CivicSMALLDJI_0002 CivicSMALL
POM Term E 1POM Term E 1
POM Term B 1POM Term B 1
POM Term B 2POM Term B 2
POM Term E 2POM Term E 2

PortMiami Terminals D & E

Structural Steel stand out in modern construction due to its versatility and fast installation.



LOCATION: PortMiami, Miami, FL

YEAR: 2017


PortMiami Terminal F


LOCATION: PortMiami, Miami, FL

YEAR: 2021

Main 1Main 1
Main 2Main 2
Main 3Main 3
Main 4Main 4
Main 5Main 5
Main 6Main 6
Main 7Main 7
Main 8Main 8
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Main 15Main 15
Main 16Main 16
PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-56 2PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-56 2
PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-55 2PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-55 2
PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-05-53 2PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-05-53 2
PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-55 3PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-55 3
PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-55 2PHOTO-2020-12-08-14-06-55 2

Terminal B Exterior Canopy

PortMiami Terminal B, a state-of-the-art Terminal also called the new “Pearl” of Miami, was completed in 2020 and welcomed guests in the fall of 2021

PARADISE designed, fabricated, and installed the structural steel on the pedestrian walkway to the main terminal.

We are proud to be awarded the work at PortMiami Terminal B through NV2A Group. 

GC: NV2A Group

LOCATION: PortMiami, Miami, FL

YEAR: 2020

Contractor: NV2A Group


PortMiami-SFCT Cargo Yard Densification

PortMiami is the largest container port in Florida and the ninth in the United States. (Read more…) Over 9.6 million tons of cargo and over 1 million twenty-foot equivalent units of intermodal container traffic move through the seaport annually (Read more…). The cargo Industry has always played a vital role in Florida’s economy. PortMiami understands that cargo movement is critical to sustain economic activity and maintain community demands. It’s been ranked one of the top container ports in the world by the World Bank Group and S&P Global Market Intelligence Container Port Performance Index for 2021. Additionally. Miami ranked the second most efficient port in North America. 

In 2020, PARADISE was awarded for designing, fabricating, and installing twenty-two quality steel reefer racks in one section of the cargo yard. We are looking forward to continuing to work at PortMiami Cargo Yard through Odebrecht to help accomplish its goal:

“From ship – to port – to terminal – trucking and rail – PortMiami keeps goods flowing to America’s shelves.”


LOCATION: PortMiami, Miami, FL

YEAR: 2020

Rack 15 to 19 -3Rack 15 to 19 -3
Rack 15 to 19 -3Rack 15 to 19 -3
Rack 1ERack 1E
Rack 15 to 19 -1Rack 15 to 19 -1
Rack 15 to 19 -4Rack 15 to 19 -4
Aereal 1Aereal 1
Aereal 2Aereal 2
Fairwind Hotel 0Fairwind Hotel 0
Fairwind Hotel 1Fairwind Hotel 1
Fairwind Hotel 2Fairwind Hotel 2
Fairwind Hotel 1Fairwind Hotel 1
Fairwind Hotel 4Fairwind Hotel 4


Renovations and historical restorations are one of the most common applications for structural steel members due to versatility, strength and lightness.


GC: Chetrit Group

LOCATION: Miami Beach, FL

ARCHITECT: Allan T. Shulman

CONTRACTOR: Edgewater Construction Group
YEAR: 2016